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Disc Harrow

Our Disc Harrow is used for cultivating stubble and fallow soil, loosening soil, breaking soil and creating a seed bed. It breaks weeds, prevents blight, mixes plant wastes, stubble, fertilisers and herbicides and soil.Scrappers are provided so that stuck material can be automatically removed. This keeps the tractor’s load in check and results in a better fuel efficiency.Effective for puddling due to its minimal risk of slippage and efficient method of churning soil.

·        The front discs are notched to help cut any residual weeds coming into the passage
·        Comes with 12 to 24 discs, depending on each tractor’s HP
·        High-quality boron steel discs
·        Ideal for breaking roots
·        Easily transportable
·        Sturdy frame
·        Angle can be adjusted easily
·        Can work on in extreme conditions